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About LITC

General Description
At 1900 feet elevation Lake in the Clouds is as close to heaven as you can get in the Poconos. Refreshing mountain air, peaceful tranquility, good neighbors and beautifully maintained homes, yards and common areas provide merely a backdrop to live, grow and enjoy life. Situated in the middle of the Poconos, LITC is just a short drive from Scranton, Stroudsburg, major shopping areas, several of Pennsylvania's top ski areas and golf courses, white water rafting, the Delaware Water Gap, waterfalls, resturaunts and much more. And without even leaving the community lot owners enjoy all the community facilities, whether situated on one of our three lakes, nestled among large wooded sites or open to grand mountain vistas.

For a humorous guided tour of Lake in the Clouds click HERE.

Community Features

Tennis Court Volley Ball Community Center
and Library
Beach Pavilion Playground
Fishing Tournament Boating Basketball Court
Three Lakes Woods Mountains
Not Pictured: Bocci Ball Court, Shuffleboard Court, Miles of Paved Roads, Pristine Woodlands, Panaramic Mountain Views, Year Round Socials, Book and Video Library.

Some Details

LITC has been in existence since 1964 when the Association was formed. The original owners of the property known as Lake in the Clouds (LITC) were Avalon Operating Corporation and Empire Clay Products, Inc. Char-Mart Inc. has been the Developer for the past thirty years and has deeded the lakes to the Association. The Association was formed as a non-profit corporation, and is owned and operated by members, persons who have acquired by deed the title to one or more lots in the development.

There are presently 428 properties on LITC. Ten of these properties are owned by the Association. Deed restrictions "run with" each property , that is, they pass on with the property from owner to owner. The dues are based upon the type of property owned: Year 2018 dues for a house are $500.00, for a lot are $425.00

The Board of Directors is made up of seven volunteer, dues-paying members. It governs the operations of the Association within the framework of the By-Laws. The Board is elected for two-year terms by the general membership at the fall general membership meeting. An Office Adminstrator handles the day-to-day business of the Association. Office hours are Monday from 9am to 1pm, and Thursday from 1pm until 5pm..

You are encouraged to call or stop in during those hours to meet the administrator and provide the office with your name, mailing address, email and telephone number (for emergency purposes only). Or you may contact the administrator by mail. Voice mail is in attendance 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Your calls will be retumed the next day the office is open. E-mails may be sent to

A Volunteer Community

Did you know that almost everything that gets done at LITC gets done because of volunteers? There are committees concerned with the greenspace; welcoming newcomers; activities for youth; newsletter contributions; social activities like the summer picnic & winter festival; fishing & tennis tournaments; and various administrative support tasks – something for everyone! If you have a little spare time and would like to be more involved in your community, contact Stacey Guthrie at 676-4753 or to see which area currently needs assistance.


1) How big is Lake in the Clouds?
approx 90 acres

2) How deep is Lake in the Clouds?
3 ft to 11 ft

3) Are the three lakes stocked with fish?
No it replenishes itself

4) What kind of boats are allowed in the lakes?
Only electric powered boats no gas motors allowed

5) How much for a resale certificate?

6) Is there a Capital Improvement fee to purchase a lot or home?
Yes. Under the guidelines of the Planned Community Act, as of January 1, 2009, LITC charges every new home or lot purchaser a Capital Improvement fee.  This applies only to people who do not currently own land or homes in LITC.  If you are a current community member and you purchase an additional lot/home, this fee does not apply to you.  The one-time fee is $175.00 for a lot with no house and $275.00 for a lot with a house.  This fee will be paid to LITC at time of settlement.

Not Official

Not Sanctioned

"We Deny Everything"

Online Documents
Board Of Directors Code of Ethics

LITC Emergency Disaster Plan

Resale Certificates

LITC By-Laws

LITC Rules and Regulations
(Updated February 2012)

LITC Schedule "A"

LITC Schedule B
    - Construction Approval
      Certificate Application

ATV and Snowmobile use at LITC
Living Here
To begin understanding what Lake in the Clouds living is like, click on the seasons below. In addition to community pictures you will find the winning entries from the 2005 LITC Poetry-Essay Contest that attempt to capture in words the spirit of LITC.



Ode To Our Volunteers
"Officers Should be Saluted"
by Robert & Ellie Freudenberg

I see these men of our fine lakes,
Mowing grass and doing, whate'er it takes,
They do their job with a smile and nod,
I'll bet it costs them quite a wad!

For gasoline and so much sweat,
They're on the job, and you can bet.
They fix holey roads or trees gone down,
They're always there, to fix our town.

Be it culvert stopped, with sticks and stuff,
Or plastic bottles, on road or ruff,
They stop and do, what we pass by,
Beyond their tasks, so hard, they try!

And then include, the legal work,
These hateful tasks, they do not shirk,
Of many hours in court and city,
Small thanks to them, it's such a pity!

Reminds me too, of Moses time,
If I may add it, to this rhyme,
Complaints galore, and little thanks,
Accrue to them who join their ranks.

Our officer folk, are always true,
Working good, for me and you,
Working in the dead of night,
Working in the sun's full light!

So now take time, to give applause,
For folks who work, unto our cause,
It's so little pay, for what they do,
To just give thanks, from me and you!