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ATV & Snowmobile Policy
AVT and Snowmobile use at LITC

ATV and Snowmobile Use at LITC.

As most residents are aware, it is the strong preference of a large number of community residents that ATV's not be operated on LITC roads. For those who choose to continue to operate ATV's, take note of the following requirements, and please be respectful of your neighbors while operating either ATV's or Snowmobiles. Remember the 20 MPH speed limit on all our roads. There are both Pennsylvania laws and LITC insurance requirements which affect use of these vehicles.

LITC Requirements:
All users of ATV's and Snowmobiles are required to register their vehicle with the LITC office and to provide a copy of their insurance policy which shows liability coverage before operating such vehicles on any LITC property or on any of the lakes. Helmets are required for children under the age of 16 and are strongly recommended for all adults riding Snowmobiles or ATV's. Click HERE for a copy of the registration form.

This policy is required by our insurance policy which stated in an August 12, 2003 letter: "We discussed the issue of ATVs and other motorized land conveyances and the problems associated with their use on common areas within communities. Each owner of such conveyances should purchase a miscellaneous vehicle liability insurance policy. The Association should request a copy of the policy. The Association should request an updated copy upon each renewal to assure coverage remains in effect."

Operation of Snowmobiles/ATVs on Frozen Lakes
Restrictions apply to operation of Snowmobiles/ATVs on our lakes when they are frozen. Specifically:
I.  Only Members, tenants and guests occupying the home of a Member of LITC may use a snowmobile/ATV in the community and then use shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of Lake in the Clouds Property Owners Association.
II. All provisions of the Pennsylvania State “Snowmobile Law”, its Definitions, Registration, Operations, Equipment and miscellaneous requirements, shall be observed in their entirety, by any and all owners and operators of a snowmobile in the community.
            A.  It is the responsibility of the owner and operator of a snowmobile/ATV in the
            community to make him/herself aware of the Pennsylvania “Snowmobile Law”,
            and to abide by its provisions.
            B.  It is the responsibility of the Member of the Association to make his/her guests         and tenants aware of these Rules and Regulations regarding snowmobile/ATV operation in the community.
III. The Lake in the Clouds Recreational Vehicle Registration Form must be completed and on file in the community office.  Lot numbers at least three inches in height must be displayed on both sides of the vehicle.
IV.The use of snowmobile/ATVs is permitted for utilitarian use on the lakes at any time with recognition of slow speeds and intended purposes.Utilitarian is described as ice fishing, barbecuing and social gatherings. 
V. A courtesy zone of 20 yards around all pedestrian activity and the shoreline  (except when exiting and entering the lake) will be observed at all times.   
VI.   Anyone operating a vehicle must be properly trained, of age, capable of handling          the machine, and wearing appropriate safety gear.

Pennsylvania law:
Pennsylavania law requires all ATVs to be registered with DCNR except for ATVs used solely for farming or business. ATV owners using the vehicle used solely on their land now will be provided a free, one-time registration with no expiration, and a license plate to be affixed to the ATV. All existing, as well as new, ATVs in Pennsylvania used for recreation must be registered. The amendments are designed to reduce riding in unauthorized areas by increasing fines; facilitate the identification of vehicles by requiring license plates on the ATVs; and provide incentives for enforcement by local authorities.

    Specifically, the law calls for:
  • ATV owners to carry liability insurance, except for ATVs used solely on the owner's property.
  • Snowmobiles to be titled, except those purchased before the new law. The titling fee is $22.50;
  • Registration certificate to be carried on the ATV. Owners must display a registration plate and expiration sticker on the ATV and a registration decal on the snowmobile;
  • Fines and penalties of $50-$200 for first offense and $100-$300 for subsequent offense;
  • Weight limit for Class I ATVs of 800 pounds.
Local law enforcement agencies can enforce these regulations, even in private communities, and can collect the fines and penalties assessed as the Result of their police activities.